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  • Original Clear Nail Vinyls (14 options)

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    Now available in 14 different sheets! Use drop-down menu to make your selection. 

    The vinyl stencils are clear/transparent, to allow the user more accurate placement on the nail. The clear vinyl is the same brand/model as our regular (non-transparent) vinyl but is a bit more stiff, making it perfect for borders, but not full stencils. You will still experience clean lines and easy removal! 

    Stencil Instructions: 

    1. Paint a base color of choice and apply a thin coat of a fast-dry topcoat. 

    2. Once base is completely dry, peel vinyl stencil off backing.  

    3. Place stencil over nail in desired position. 

    4. Paint over stencil with nail polish of choice. 

    5. Peel the stencil off the nail immediately while the polish is still wet. 

    6. Allow the image to completely dry and then add a final layer of your favorite topcoat.