• Pink & Clear Nail Stamper

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    *** Please read all instructions. ***

    This listing is for one clear nail art stamper (base/head/cap) and one scraper. The clear design allows the user to accurately place the stamped design on the nail. 

    Stamper Set Specifics: 

    Base: 4cm tall

    Head: 3.5cm wide

    Head firmness: squishy

    Instructions and tips for use: 

    - DO NOT USE ACETONE/POLISH REMOVER on this product, in any way. It will cloud the handle and head, causing the view to be obstructed. Refunds will not be offered if user does not follow this instruction.

    - Avoid touching the top of the stamper head with hands/fingers as oil is easily transferred and may affect design pick-up. Use caution when removing & inserting the stamper head into and out of the base as to not cause tearing. 

    - Scrape the polish lightly off the plate and it is recommended to use a stamping polish/thick opaque polish. 

    - When picking up the stamped image, use medium pressure and roll stamper across the stamping plate. This will work more effectively over pressing down. 

    - Transfer the image to the nail quickly as polish will dry quickly on the stamper head. 

    - When cleaning the stamper head, please use only tape or a lint roller to remove dried polish. Again, NO ACETONE/POLISH REMOVER. 

    - Do not use a nail file on stamper head. Wash with mild dish soap if the stamper head needs a thorough cleaning.

    - All sets are personally inspected by us, while wearing latex-free gloves to ensure no oils are transferred. The sets are free of defects, though sporadic tiny silicone specks may be visible in the stamper head. This will not affect the stamping ability and are found to be rare.