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    The VinoSwatch Makeup Stencils allow users of all skill levels to create beautiful swatch art, in less time than using traditional methods (washi tape, etc). 


    - Ensure that arm/surface is clean and free of debris. It may be helpful to rub with a wet lint-free towel or Isopropyl Alcohol wipe. 

    - Peel stencil off backing and place on desired location. 

    - Rub all edges to ensure a proper seal against skin. 

    - Using your applicator of choice, apply makeup to entire "negative space" area of the stencil, ensuring all edges & curves are covered. 

    - Peel stencil off skin. For the longer stencils, it's best to peel from side-to-side, versus top-to-bottom. You will achieve the cleanest lines with this removal. 

    Additional Information:

    - It is recommended to use only 2-3 stencils in one sitting. Due to the general nature of adhesive (think of Band-Aid removal) and constantly wiping swatches off, they may cause a slight bit of skin redness with more than three uses. This is not ideal for photographing, but will fade fairly quickly. 

    - All new orders will include a small sample for you to test on a non-swatch section of skin. Use discretion if you have naturally sensitive skin. The stencils are latex-free. 

    - The stencils are generally a one-time use item. When removing the adhesive from your skin, it will retain oils and skin cells, preventing as clean of a seal for the next use. 

    - The stencils have more adhesion than washi tape (providing super clean lines) but are still considered to have semi-low adhesive properties. They are made of vinyl but are not the same material used in our nail vinyls. 

    U.S./Domestic shipping: 

    Polished Vino is based in Arizona, USA. We utilize USPS for all shipping needs. Your minimum shipping cost will be approximately $3.00, which includes tracking information. The cost will go up from there depending on how many items you order. Polished Vino is not responsible for packages lost in transit. 

    International shipping:

    We do offer international shipping, also from USPS. The cost usually starts at $9-$13, depending on your location. We do not have control over this cost as it is pre-set by USPS according to their bubble mailer/thickness guidelines. If you are looking to place a smaller order (less than 20 sheets), contact us directly and we can invoice with a cheaper shipping rate. Polished Vino is not responsible for packages lost in transit. 

    Our general order/shipping turn-around-time is 1-3 business days, but that will vary during new launches and sales. 

    All website swatch photos are courtesy of Adelina M. @mimera929 on Instagram and Elena T. @nailexperiments on Instagram. Thank you for the beautiful photos, ladies!